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Latest Seahawks News
Tue, Jul 22 05:57 PM
By the most common objective measure used – the combined won-loss record of 2013 opponents – Seattle’s schedule ranks among the most difficult in the NFL.The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Tue, Jul 22 05:00 PM
%%%7a44005293ef24aabcdf957fe8f542ce%%%The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Tue, Jul 22 03:16 PM
The Seahawks today have announced a list of fan activities for the 12 open training camp practices. Here is that info, straight from the team:The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Tue, Jul 22 02:31 PM
Rating the most underrated players in the NFL was the topic of today's Instant Debate.The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Tue, Jul 22 02:27 PM
The Seattle Seahawks start the preseason right where they ended last season, as the No. 1 team in the AP Pro32 NFL power rankings. In balloting by 12 media members who regularly cover the NFL, the top three teams in the AP Pro32 were the Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl champion Seahawks grabbed 11 first-place votes on Tuesday and had 383 points. ''The world champions are still intact and have the ability to repeat, but that's a long way off,'' said Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM NFL Radio/ Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Tue, Jul 22 12:18 PM
According to Twitter user @chuckbrezina, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was in Oakland, Calif. on Monday filming a movie. But that's burying the real story when you see how and what Lynch parked. @FieldGulls beastmode's Lambo, complete with velvet ropes. — chuck brezina (@chuckbrezina) July 22, 2014 Now that's Beast Mode. All about that first-class action, boss. [ Smack talk season is back at Yahoo Sports: Sign up and play free Fantasy Football! ] And here's a pic of him outside the car: @Eric_Edholm here is a shot of Marshawn across from my place next to the car — Andy Nern (@AndrewNern) July 22, 2014 You might not be Lynch's biggest fan, and he can sometimes make himself more difficult to like than he needs to, but when a guy parks his car (one that cost a few nickels short of $400K, mind you) out on the streets of Oakland, bookended by two velvet ropes as if his car is a nightclub, well, then you just say it: The dude is an original. (Functional questions here: Does Lynch travel everywhere with those ropes or were they provided for him by the movie folks who might have daily access to such things? And if they are Lynch's personal ropes, do they fit into that car's trunk? Have they ever failed to prevent another car encroaching on his car's space? It makes the mind wander ...) Thanks, SB Nation, for bringing this to our attention . Brilliant stuff. - - - - - - - Eric Edholm is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Eric_EdholmYahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Tue, Jul 22 08:34 AM
DENVER (AP) -- A court hearing for Broncos safety T.J. Ward on charges stemming from an incident at a strip club has been delayed until next month.Yahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Tue, Jul 22 07:17 AM
Philadelphia has a Rocky statue. Pittsburgh has an Immaculate Reception statue. Detroit's getting a Robocop statue. Now Seattle wants in on the act. Two Seahawks fans are trying to raise money to build a statue commemorating "The Tip," Richard Sherman's famous redirection of a pass to Michael Crabtree in January's NFC championship game. Sherman tipped the ball to Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith, killing San Francisco's last chance at a comeback in a 23-17 game. The Tip sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl and vaulted Sherman into the American consciousness thanks to his immensely entertaining postgame interview. It might be the finest moment in Seattle sports history, and Seahawks fans Joe Michaels and Chris Bauer want it honored in bronze. “That was a moment that was so perfect and so important to this city," Michaels told local radio station KJR. “We thought, if that moment meant so much to so many people, it’s worth celebrating in a big way like never before.” Starting July 28, they'll be starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise $250,000 to build the statue at . A YouTube video features a rough conceptual sketch of the statue:Yahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Tue, Jul 22 01:46 AM
Former NFL coach Tony Dungy says he wouldn’t have selected Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the league. St. Louis picked Sam in the seventh round.The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Mon, Jul 21 11:46 PM
With tickets sold out, demand and price for regular-season Seahawks games already are skyrocketing on the secondary market. The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Mon, Jul 21 11:16 PM
Getting the Tuesday morning links up a little early just, well, because.The Seattle Times: Seahawks
Mon, Jul 21 06:55 PM
Rams expect continued improvement in 2014Yahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Mon, Jul 21 06:55 PM
Bridgewater player to watch in Vikings campYahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
Mon, Jul 21 06:55 PM
Successful 49ers face questions entering 2014Yahoo Sports - NFL - Seattle Seahawks News
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